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Call No. 2 - PROFÍSICA 2024 
Graduate Program in Physics. Brazil, Bahia, Ilhéus

Call for application - UESC No. 87/2024 -

Application and Admission to Graduate Programs in Physics 


Deadline for applications: July 3rd, 2024

The Rector of the State University of Santa Cruz – UESC, in the use of his attributions, makes public the opening of applications for the selection of candidates for the Graduate Program in Physics – ACADEMIC MASTER'S LEVEL.

The notice aims to fill 04 (four) positions, of which 40% are reserved for black, transgender, PCD (people with disabilities), and traditional populations. The notice is also open to foreigners.

Get to know the Research Lines of the Academic Master's:
● Astrophysics

Topics: 1) Star Formation, 2) Star Clusters, 3) Internal Kinematics of Galaxies, and 4) Galaxy Evolution in Cluster Groups.
● Nuclear Physics
Topics: 1) Nuclear Structure and Neutrino Physics, 2) Kinematics of Nuclear Collisions, 3) Medical Physics, 4) Environmental Physics, and 5) Nanoscience.
Quantum Information
Topics: 1) Quantum Optics, 2) Quantum Entanglement, and 3) Quantum Thermodynamics.
● Field Theory
Topics: 1) Cosmological Magnetism and Relativistic Plasmas; 2) Black Holes; 3) Gauge/Gravity Duality; 4) Symmetries and Quantization in Fields.

Applications must be made exclusively by email to, using the candidate's email.

Deadline for applications: July 3rd, 2024


Access the complete call at:

We encourage you to also express your interest through this brief form:
Interest Form

We are confident that we can expand your career prospects in various areas, such as:
● International Research
● University Teaching
● Data Science
● Technology Development
● Quantum Engineering
● Medical Physics
● Environmental Physics


We hope this information is useful to you and ask for your support in sharing the notice within your institution and with your colleagues.

Izana Rebecca,

Secretary of the PROFÍSICA Academic Master's Program
+55 73 3680-5209

Board of the Graduate Program in Physics - PROFÍSICA

Academic Master's in Physics
Department of Exact Sciences - DCEX
State University of Santa Cruz - UESC

1st Floor of the Prof. Max de Menezes Pavilion
Rodovia Jorge Amado, Km 16, Ilhéus - Bahia.
ZIP Code: 45.662-900
Brazil/Phone: +55 73 3680-5209

PPG PROFÍSICA is located on Rodovia Jorge Amado, between the cities of Ilhéus and Itabuna, in Bahia. The location is privileged, and therefore, this highway is informally known by some as the “Highway of Knowledge,” where various educational, scientific, teaching, and extension institutions, such as UESC itself, the Federal University of Southern Bahia - UFSB, the Federal Institute of Bahia - IFBA, the Social Service of Industry and the National Service for Industrial Learning - SESI/SENAI, and CEPLAC are located.

Additionally, the cities of Itabuna and Ilhéus can be considered very pleasant to live in due to their easy access to coastal beaches, being immersed in the Atlantic Forest, and having an economically accessible cost of living compared to other states. Ilhéus also has a certain university town dynamic due to UESC's history, which initially opened its doors to professors from other states and countries to strengthen its academic staff and improve the quality of local education.

We encourage you to learn more about the Graduate Program in Physics (PROFÍSICA), the State University of Santa Cruz (UESC), and Southern Bahia!

We are available to answer any questions and provide more information.

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