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Graduate Program in Physics



Center for Research in Radiation Science and Technology - CPqCTR at UESC. Photo: Fermín Velasco (UESC-CTR).


Academic Master's in Physics

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Academic Master's in Physics

The Graduate Program in Physics at UESC (PROFÍSICA) is committed to nurturing highly qualified individuals in the scientific and technological realms of both pure and applied physics, focusing on research areas such as: ASTROPHYSICSNUCLEAR PHYSICSQUANTUM INFORMATION FIELD THEORY.


Moreover, we aim to disseminate high-quality scientific information to the general public. Explore our website and other channels to discover our contributions to education, technology, and society.

Academic Master's in Physics

Discover Our Research Lines

Explore our master's program, led by active researchers who are authorities in their respective fields. Our faculty members have received training from various national and international institutions, authored over 700 scientific publications in international journals, and garnered over 40,000 citations for their work within the scientific community.

Our program blends tradition with innovation to make a profound impact on your career.

Learn more about our research lines and get to know our faculty!

Why pursue a graduate degree in PHYSICS?

In addition to gaining a deeper understanding of the laws of nature, fundamental physics research is largely responsible for the development and enhancement of technologies that meet society's greatest everyday demands, such as Wi-Fi, cell phones, GPS, and medical exams like mammography and magnetic resonance imaging, among others.

Build your career

What professions can I pursue?

A physicist is highly sought after by institutions and companies for their versatility. They are considered professionals capable of proposing solutions and applying them in complex contexts. Therefore, the horizon of promising paths within physics is increasingly broad:

  • International Research

  • University Teaching

  • Data Science

  • Technology Development

  • Quantum Engineering

  • Medical Physics

  • Environmental Physics

Alumni Life

Student Origin

The PROFISICA Academic Master's program has enrolled students from different states and countries:



  • Bahia

  • Maranhão

  • São Paulo



  • Cuba

  • Colômbia

  • Peru

  • Venezuela


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Alumni Testimonials

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"At the UESC Astrophysics Laboratory, I discovered that doing science was also for me, a black girl, from a peripheral area, coming from public school.

Today I have a Postdoctoral degree and work as a Data Scientist at one of the largest Petroleum Derivatives Distribution companies in Brazil."

Raquel S. Nascimento,

Data Scientist. PhD UFRJ.

Postdoc LNA - National Astrophysics Laboratory


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