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Scientific Careers in Physics: The Freedom to Work Beyond Academia

The journey after postgraduate studies in Physics is filled with dynamic and modern opportunities that go beyond the boundaries of traditional academia. For those looking to explore beyond the academic environment, the Academic Master's in Physics offered by the Graduate Program in Physics (PROFÍSICA) at UESC serves as a gateway to diverse and current scientific careers.

In this blog, we will explore the wide range of professional opportunities available to graduates not only from Physics and related fields but also to all those who want to invest in their intellectual and analytical development.

To address the general possibilities, we will use our research lines in the PROFÍSICA Academic Master's program, which has a new call open until July 3, 2024, as a reference:

  • Astrophysics,

  • Theoretical and Applied Nuclear Physics (Medical Physics, Environmental Physics, and Nanoscience),

  • Quantum Information, and

  • Field Theory and Gravitation (Cosmology, Relativistic Plasmas, and Black Holes).

Photo: Organizing Committee of the I Workshop on Theoretical Physics of Southwest Bahia (UESB / PROFÍSICA-UESC).

Let's take a closer look at each area:

Astrophysics: Unveiling the Mysteries of the Cosmos

Those with a passion for the cosmos can find promising careers in astrophysics. Besides academic research, there are opportunities in astronomical observatories, space agencies, and even in various private companies for analytical positions, such as in finance, oil exploration, space exploration, etc.

Careers in cosmology can lead to international collaborations, participation in space projects, and significant contributions to our understanding of the cosmos.

Learn more about this area at:

Photos: Prof. Dr. Henri Plana, PROFÍSICA-UESC.

Theoretical Nuclear Physics: Exploring the Microscopic World

For those passionate about subatomic particles and advanced theories, theoretical nuclear physics opens doors to careers in research laboratories, nuclear study centers, and scientific consultancy in industrial sectors. It is important to emphasize that Nuclear Physics is essential for life and was not created for the purpose of building atomic bombs as commonly believed. This field is in favor of human life and environmental sustainability, namely:

  • Applied Nuclear Physics in Medicine and its contributions to health: the intersection between physics and medicine is a growing field. Graduates can contribute to the research and development of medical technologies, such as MRI and radiotherapy, playing a crucial role in health improvement and diagnosis.

  • Environmental Physics and its contributions to pollution reduction: environmental awareness is on the rise, and physicists can play a vital role in understanding and mitigating environmental problems. Careers in research, environmental consultancy, and sustainable technology development are within reach.

  • Nanoscience - Exploring the Nano World: nanoscience offers exciting opportunities in the research and development of new materials and technologies at the nanometric scale. Industries such as electronics, medicine, and energy seek skilled professionals in this innovative field.

By the way, did you know that since 2002, UESC has been strongly developing research and education in these areas? In 2007, the university inaugurated the Radiation Science and Technology Research Center - CPqCTR or CTR at UESC.

In summary, the CTR is a scientific and technological study center aimed at improving medical examination technology and controlling polluting activities of mining companies.

Fotos: Prof. Dr. Fermín Velasco, PROFÍSICA / CTR / UESC.

Quantum Information: Revolutionizing Computing

In an increasingly digital world, quantum information is at the forefront of the technological revolution. Graduates can explore careers in education, teaching, research, quantum algorithm development, and even in tech companies. These professionals are also highly sought after in private environments for data analysis and problem-solving, as mentioned earlier.

Learn more about this area and our professors/researchers here:

Field Theory: Understanding the Fundamental Forces

Field theory is essential for understanding the fundamental forces that govern the universe. Besides research, professionals can find opportunities in consultancy, mathematical modeling, and even in the financial sector.

Learn more about this area and our professors/researchers here:

Photos: (1 e 2) UESB/PROFISICA; (3) LIGO, NSF, Aurore Simonnet (Sonoma State University) and (4) Getty Images.

Opportunities Beyond Academia

By highlighting these diverse areas, we want to emphasize that a career in Physics is not limited to academia. Professionals trained at UESC's PROFÍSICA have the flexibility to work in various industries, playing key roles in solving complex challenges in our constantly evolving world.

The Academic Master's in Physics at UESC not only contributes to building a solid foundation in scientific knowledge but also opens doors to a vast horizon of interesting and impactful careers for society.

For undergraduate students in Physics and related fields, as well as high school physics and mathematics teachers and other related disciplines, or even technologists, this journey both in and beyond academia only contributes positively and expands opportunities to apply passions and knowledge to shape the future of science and society.

Remember! We are available to help you become part of our team here at the Academic Master's in Physics (PROFÍSICA) at UESC.

We have open applications until July 3rd, 2024, for 04 (four) vacancies in PROFÍSICA, in the Research Lines: Astrophysics, Nuclear Physics, Quantum Information, and Field Theory.

40% of the vacancies are reserved for black people, trans people, PWD, and traditional populations.

Vacancies are open to foreigners.

Spanish version:

You can also get in touch, ask questions, and get more information through this form by indicating your profile:

We hope this information is useful to you.

We ask for your support in disseminating the call for applications in your institution and with your colleagues.

Does it make sense to you?



Flávia V. Costa, @adeccua

Prof. Dr. André Ribeiro, Coordinator PROFÍSICA-UESC



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