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Researchers from 8 states gather in Bahia to discuss the connections between mathematics and theoretical physics at a workshop for young scientists

Researchers in Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Physics from the state of Bahia, along with external collaborators, gathered to discuss relevant and innovative topics for the advancement of science. An important contribution to the generation of new minds in the region, future leaders of society.

This event, called the I Bahia Theoretical Physics Workshop / I Workshop in Theoretical Physics of Southwest Bahia, was held in the city of Itapetinga from May 28 to 30, 2024, organized by the State University of Southwest Bahia (UESB), Itapetinga campus, BA, with the participation of researchers from 10 higher education institutions, namely:

  • CBPF - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

  • IFSertão - Petrolina, PE

  • UFC - Fortaleza, CE

  • UFCG - Cuité, PB

  • UFRB - Cruz das Almas, BA

  • UFJF - Juiz de Fora, MG

  • UESC - Ilhéus, BA

  • UESB - Itapetinga, BA

  • UESB - Vitória da Conquista, BA

  • UnB - Brasília, DF

  • USP - Ribeirão Preto, SP

There were 14 speakers in total, from 5 cities in Bahia and 7 other Brazilian states.

How did PROFÍSICA participate in the activity?

The Academic Master's in Physics at UESC, PROFÍSICA, directly contributed to the project by fostering and supporting its researchers working outside the municipality of Itapetinga.

We highlight the participation of 6 professors from PROFÍSICA associated with the research lines "Quantum Information" and "Field Theory and Gravitation," including the Vice-Coordinator of the program, Prof. Dr. José Geraldo de Oliveira. With two members on the Organizing Committee of the event, PROFÍSICA researchers gave lectures, presented papers, and actively participated in all scientific discussions.

What were the discussion topics?

The focus of the activity was to share discoveries and academic interests related to the construction and exploration of theoretical mathematical models to describe the observed behavior of the physical world, aiming to propose solutions to current open problems in theoretical physics of international relevance.

The workshop covered a variety of topics related to important current issues in global physics discussions, including:

  • Extended Uncertainty Relations: Discussions on extended uncertainty principles and deformed quantum systems.

  • Lie Algebra: Use of Lie algebra techniques in solving quantum mechanics problems.

  • Non-Minimal Planar Electrodynamics: Study of planar electrodynamics with higher derivative terms.

  • Quantum Thermodynamics: Inference of quantum states from effective descriptions and applications in thermodynamics.

  • Musical Timbre: Analysis of the timbre perception of musical sounds.

  • Other Topics: Supersymmetry, black holes, relativistic fluids, massive gravity, among others.

Get to know the presented lectures in more detail:

Solutions of Simple Systems of Deformed Quantum Mechanics Based on a New Extended Uncertainty Principle

Alexandre Souto Martinez

University of São Paulo - FFCLRP/USP

Department of Physics and Mathematics - Ribeirão Preto, SP

Lie Algebra Techniques in Solving Quantum Mechanics Problems

José Geraldo Gonçalves de Oliveira Júnior

PROFÍSICA/UESC, State University of Santa Cruz - Ilhéus, BA

Non-Minimal Planar Electrodynamics and Applications in Condensed-Matter Systems

Letícia Lisboa dos Santos

Federal University of Ceará, DF/UFC, Pici Campus - Fortaleza, CE

Inference of Quantum States from Effective Descriptions: Analysis and Applications in Quantum Thermodynamics

Pedro da Silva Correia

PROFÍSICA/UESC, State University of Santa Cruz - Ilhéus, BA

Timbre Perception of the Note A: From Consonances to the Timbre Descriptors of González and Prati

Pedro Javier Gómez Jaime

State University of Southwest Bahia, DCEN/UESB - Itapetinga, BA

Algebraic Technique of Supersymmetry in Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

Rafael de Lima Rodrigues

Federal University of Campina Grande - UFCG - Cuité, PB

Thermodynamics of Black Holes and Kaniadakis Dual Entropy

Jorge Ananias Neto

Federal University of Juiz de Fora - UFJF, DF/ICE - Juiz de Fora, MG

Analysis of Relativistic Conical Motion as a Second-Class System

Camila Messias Barbosa Santos

State University of Southwest Bahia, DCEN/UESB - Itapetinga, BA

Flow Equations for the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio (NJL) Model

Edilson Ferreira Batista

State University of Southwest Bahia, DCEN/UESB - Itapetinga, BA

Enhanced Gauge-Unfixing Method in the Prototype Second-Class Model

Widervan de Deus Morais

Brazilian Center for Physics Research, CBPF - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Transport Properties in Holographic QCD

Luis Alex Huahuachampi Mamani

Federal University of Recôncavo da Bahia - CETEC/UFRB - Cruz das Almas, BA

State University of Santa Cruz - PROFÍSICA - Ilhéus, BA

Coherent States for Deformed Oscillators with Position-Dependent Effective Mass

Bruno Gomes da Costa

Federal Institute of Sertão Pernambuco

IFSertãoPE - Petrolina, PE

Dynamics of Relativistic Fluids in a General Hydrodynamic Frame: Dispersion Relations and Coefficients of a Dual Plasma

Alex dos Santos Miranda

PROFÍSICA - State University of Santa Cruz - UESC - Ilhéus, BA

The Massive Fierz-Pauli Lagrangian from the String Theory Siegel-Zwiebach Action –

Assuring a Smooth Massless Limit Propagator with Finite-Field-Dependent BRST Transformations

Ronaldo Thibes

State University of Southwest Bahia, DCEN/UESB - Itapetinga, BA

PROFÍSICA - State University of Santa Cruz - UESC - Ilhéus, BA

In addition to the main lectures, the workshop also featured the presentation of various scientific communications in a panel and poster session.

Conclusion and Acknowledgements

The workshop promoted a rich exchange of knowledge and strengthened the ties between researchers from the state of Bahia and collaborators from other states. It also included book raffles for students, featuring works authored by Prof. Dr. Jornandes Jesús Correia (UESB of Vitória da Conquista, BA), who attended the event, delivering both a scientific communication and an outreach lecture for the community. This distinctive lecture, with a more general focus, proved to be important in disseminating the more specific technical research activities in a simplified language to a broader audience.

In conclusion, acknowledgments and recognition were given to all who contributed to its success. Special recognition was given to the researchers from outside the state, whose interaction with local students was of great importance. The effort of the Academic Center of the physics course at UESB Itapetinga in providing a welcoming space for visitors was acknowledged, as was the contribution of professors, both internal and external, who shared their knowledge. The presence of students was fundamental, encouraging young people to engage in research despite logistical challenges.

Finally, gratitude was expressed to the coordinators and speakers, especially to Dr. Alexandre Souto Martinez (FFCLRP/USP), Dr. Jorge Ananias Neto (UFJF), Dr. Bruno Gomes da Costa (IFSertãoPE), and Dr. Rafael de Lima Rodrigues (UFCG - Cuité, PB), for their dedication and valuable participation in the workshop.

Organizing Committee:

Edilson Ferreira Batista, Ignacio Sebastián Gomez, Pedro Javier Gómez Jaime, João Alfieres Simões Andrade Reis, Camila Messias Barbosa dos Santos, Letícia Lisboa dos Santos, and Ronaldo Thibes.


PROEX (UESB) / PROFÍSICA (UESC) / CAPES / CNPq / Café Dagente (Itapetinga)


Rafael de Lima Rodrigues (UFCG - Cuité, PB)


Flávia Vitória Costa, ADECCUA Project and Communication Management

Ronaldo Thibes, UESB / PROFÍSICA

Related Information:

Video recordings made independently by Prof. Rafael Lima Rodrigues, available on his YouTube Channel:

UESB news about the event:



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